The  Generation  Gap 
Today's  teenager  is  a  young  adult;  he (she) is  more  mature  and  responsible  than  the  teengers  of  previous  generation.

Nevertheless,  he (she)  is  beset  with  customary  trails  natural  to  his  age  group  disconcerting  periods  of  self-doubt  and  other  periods  of  self-suffciency.

His (her)  character  and  personality  are  in  the  process  of  being  molded.

It  is  a  stage  when  he  is  not  quite  sure  he  wants  to  be  on  his  own,  yet  he  resents  too  much  parental  pressure.

This  attitude  and  feeling  is  called  the  generation  gap  or  the  communication  gap.

However,  this  attitude  and  feeling  will  change  as  he  learns  how  to  live  with  the  world,  especially  with  his(she)  parents,  brothers,  sisters,  and  teachers.   by - Grace H

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  • doll0101
  • Hi

    Good change!!

    Without the generation gap.
  • hi'doll:thanks.

    balletvickie 於 2011/11/25 02:51 回覆

  • Una415
  • 同感
  • hi'Una:thanks.

    balletvickie 於 2011/11/25 02:52 回覆

  • doll0101
  • Hi
    All's well that ends well.

    I want to ask...
    Are you all right?
  • hi'doll:Thanks your concern,very kind of you.
    I'm okay,little nostalgia only ,maybe miss you guys.

    balletvickie 於 2011/11/26 02:19 回覆

  • linyl64
  • Hi~ good afternoon ^u^

    The holiday is happy
  • hi,liny:take care self.

    balletvickie 於 2011/11/28 01:36 回覆

  • doll0101
  • It's true.
    The Christmas is coming soon.
    Puts with ease for yourself.

    But thinking....

    Christmas presents.....

    It's too happy.

    PS: I missing you too.(maybe in dream
  • hi'doll:sent a (sponge Bob) for your Christmas present is that okay.~have a good day~

    balletvickie 於 2011/11/28 01:42 回覆


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